Bowflex 410-Pound Rod Upgrade

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 Clinton Kardos “Clintox” said:

I don’t understand how closely these “bows” translate into real world pounds, but it surely’s nice to max out the possibility of your Bowflex. I’m already a powerful guy and feature been a recovering gym rat for years. But, i will be able to’t bench 410 lbs normally, or even with this upgrade I’m still doing repetitions of like 10 after doing 4-5 sets previously.

I realize it has to do with pulleys and the variable resistance with the quantity of flex within the bows, but still. These bows aren’t even almost real world weight. But hey, it still beats driving to the gym and looking ahead to machines and free weights. Unless the need arises become a hardcore bodybuilder, the Bowflex is convenient and sufficient.

 Errol Shlivinhov “Vladimir” said:

It was just the 100 lb addition. There have been no surprises in getting the upgrade; you get more weight, it gets a bit harder. The bowflex weights are highly unrealistic though. i’m able to bench all 410 lbs greater than once. I weight about 180 lbs and there’s no way i will actually bench 410 lbs. i will probably do half that, however the bowflex was made for convenience, during which it has succeeded. The load is worth getting in case you plan on staying with the bowflex and also you need more weight.

Product Details

  • 100 lb. rod upgrade; 2-50lb rods, attachments
  • Boost your total resistance to 410 pounds
  • For Ultimate/Ultimate 2, Motivator, Xtreme/Xtreme 2, Sport, Blaze and gear Pro Bowflex Fitness Machines
  • 310 pound upgrade required before upgrading to 410 pounds
  • No-Time-Limit Power Rod warranty

Bowflex 410 lb. Rod Upgrade allows an upgrade select Bowflex Gyms from 310 to 410 lbs. Designed to be used at the Bowflex Ultimate/Ultimate 2, Bowflex Motivator, Bowflex Xtreme/Xtreme 2, Bowflex Sport, Bowflex Blaze and Bowflex Power Pro. Prior upgrade from 210 to 310 lbs. is needed for Bowflex Motivator, Bowflex Xtreme/Xtreme 2, Bowflex Blaze, and Bowflex Sport models.

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Bowflex 410-Pound Rod Upgrade… ($99)

Bowflex 410-Pound Rod Upgrade
Note: If you are thinking about buying these, you need these first: Bowflex 310 lb. Rod Upgrade.

Installation of the 410 lb upgrade is a lot eaiser than the 310 lb upgrade as these slip right on the back of your existing rod block and lock in place. The 310 lb upgrade requires you to remove your rod block and pop off the caps and screw them into the rod block from the bottom of the block. Not super hard to do, but does require you to disassemble the rod block from the machine (at least it did on my Extreme 2).

Neither the 310 lb nor the 410 lb upgrade came with directions. It is fairly easy to install them, but directions would have been nice. The Extreme 2 installation instructions don’t mention anything about installing extra rods either.

I have found in working out that I rarely ever go with all the rods. I am no giant, but I am no small guy either. So your call on if you need to buy these. My advice would be to buy the 310 lb upgrade and see if you ever need more. These are really easy to add (compared to the 310 lb upgrade), so see if you are max’ing out at 310 and then buy these if needed.

Bowflex 310-Pound Rod Upgrade… ($84)

Bowflex 410-Pound Rod Upgrade
…right off the bat, if you do calf raises you’ll need more than this. You’ll do a lot more weight with shoulder shrugs than you think too.

Mine didn’t come with instructions. You have to take the rod block off the machine so you can get to the bottom of it to put in the screws. Just pop out the two covers (I used a flat screwdriver to pry them out), insert the rods, and put a philips screw into the bottom of the block to hold the rod in (screws are included).

Bowflex PR3000 Home Gym… ($1)

Bowflex 410-Pound Rod Upgrade
Brief story – months ago, I was in the market for a home gym that uses free weights, but I happened to try out the PR3000 at Sports Authority, and I really liked it. We bought another unit, but it didn’t turn out to be exactly what we needed, and eventually I found myself remembering the PR3000 fondly.

When we finally decided to go with a Bowflex for a couple reasons – less weight on our floor and not having to move weights around our apartment. I thought I’d go for one of the long ones that let you do rowing and – I thought – leg curls. But after I tried the units with rowing, I didn’t actually care for the slightly loose feeling in the seat when it was locked in place, and I also discovered that some Blowflex don’t do leg curls and others have a complicated way of doing them.

So I went back and tried out the PR3000 again – and it was as much fun to use as I remembered it, plus it has a no-cable-changes design that made switching exercises easier. So I tried a workaround someone reviewing a different Bowflex on Amazon recommended for another unit, which was basically do the leg curls while standing and facing the unit. I tried that on the PR3000 at the store and it worked fine for me, so I finally got it and I love using it.

The pluses:

* It doesn’t take much floor space

* I don’t have to move heavy weights around during my workout

* It’s very quiet

* No cable changes keeps workouts moving along

* Motion is smooth (smoother than the Weider Platinum)

* Very good assembly directions

* A lot of things adjust for different sized people

* Top pulleys are on hook-and-eyes so that they swivel

* Can be upgraded to 310 pounds

* Very well-made, more attention to detail than other equipment we’ve had

The minuses:

* Doesn’t come with a lat bar, although you can do pulldowns with the hand grips

* The manual isn’t as detailed as other Bowflex units, although still better than most other home gyms.

* Very short warranty on smaller parts. I got an extended warranty.

* Bows resistance isn’t the weight specified (I measured and it’s lighter) but there was still more than enough resistance to give me a burn. Larger men and very fit people should probably get the 310 lb upgrade pretty quickly.

Bowflex PR1000 Home Gym… ($494)

Bowflex 410-Pound Rod Upgrade

This just arrived today. Took about 2 hours to assemble, but it’s pretty easy. I almost bought this from another site, because they were going to assemble it (would’ve been 200 extra dollars for that) and I am very glad I did it myself.

This unit is extremely sturdy and well put together. I was a bit nervous to buy this because I have young kids I did not want to trash it. Believe me, they couldn’t! This is far too well-designed and durable.

Worked out for about an hour, and I love it. Lots of exercises you can do (both muscular and cardio) and you can really feel it.

As others have noted on other models, I can see how the weights (200 lbs) might not be enough, but I am not looking to become the Incredible Hulk. This unit is perfect to stay fit and not let those holiday meals get the upper hand.

I really recommend this to anyone who wants to work at home and does not want to be bored with the same old routine (treadmill, stationary bike, etc.)

Great job, Bowflex!

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