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 Phil Ainslie said:

I read “Stationary Bike” many years back in a “From the Borderlands” anthology and that i’m having a tricky time believing they really went the audo-book route with this one.

The hallmark of fine fiction is that you just care, sometimes deeply, concerning the characters. Near the top, if Sifkitz (the major character) he’d been beaten to death by “the staff” I wouldn’t were all that fussed. While it certainly wasn’t as bad as Carol Berg’s first “Bridges of D’Arnath” book, where i used to be actually hoping she’d kill off the primary characters, the one thing you possibly can muster for Sifkitz is mild concern or even that during short supply.

Truth be informed I don’t blame SK for this, all writers write a considerable number of [...] through the years of their quest to put in writing good things. The issue is that SK is gold, everything he writes sells and sells much. People have joked that if he published his grocery list it could become a best seller… I’m uncertain about that, however it appears this his publishers are about able to ask him for it anyway.

WOSK”> said:

Stephen King’s stories usually work well as audiobooks. i believe his books work well in audio because his stories are great entertainment and ideal readers are chosen to relate his work. With Stationary Bike, King’s story falters on both points. The tale is fine but may be very rather like a prior King story “The street Virus Heads North.” The narrator here, Ron McLarty, isn’t bad, but he’s inferior to Justin Long, who narrated “Everything’s Eventual,” Josh Hamilton who did “Riding the Bullet,” or the nice ensemble that performed “From a Buick 8.”

The story centers on an artist who buys a stationary bike to come back into shape. To minimize the boring nature of excersing at the bike, the artist paints an image of a landscape that he imagines he’s traveling to. Pretty soon, the image begins changing, and the artist keeps cycling to solve the mystery. The massive problem here’s that once the mystery is finally revealed, you can be left scratching your head and thinking, “What? You bought to be kidding me.”

The story isn’t that bad and will be better if it was portion of a suite, but here, it’s a standalone, and it isn’t worth the acquisition unless you’re a die-hard Stephen King fan.

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New on audio from Stephen King…an unabridged novella”as artful as anything he has ever written.” (Booklist)

Climb aboard Stationary Bike — a streamlined fever dream of a tale, wherein a regular household object assumes otherworldly powers and a well-known journey takes a terrifying twist.

When commercial artist Richard Sifkitz finally gets around to having that physical he’d been laying aside for years, and his cholesterol comes back dangerously high, he does what such a lot of thirty-something, junk food-eating couch potatoes have done before him: he buys a stationary bike, and vows to ride it regularly.

Unlike many a mid-life exercise convert, however, Richard actually starts to ride his new stationary bike. plenty. Soon he’s spending lots time on his bike that he decides to position his artistic talents to make use of and paint a mural at the wall opposite his stationary bike. However seems that Richard’s mural is not any ordinary picture — and shortly his stationary bike is taking him places he doesn’t wish to go…and will’t prevent.

A riveting riff on artistic frustration, midlife mortality, and tough-won redemption, Stationary Bike is a thrill ride which may come only from the mind of Stephen King.

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Confidence Fitness Space Saving X Bike…

Stationary Bike
After considerable research, I decided on this bike for the following reasons:

1. Amazon reviewers rated it highly.

2. Portable and foldable… takes up a small amount of space.

3. I didn’t want to spend a fortune in case this turns into a clothes rack in three months.


1. Easily assembled… my husband and I put this together in about 30 minutes.

2. Virtually noiseless. If you live in an apartment or with other people, they’ll never know you’re using it.

3. Smooth pedal movement.

4. Easily reachable tension adjustment.

5. Monitor will continuously scan all the modes (time pedaling, distance travelled, MPH, calories burned) or you can fix it on one mode. Display is rather large and easy to read.

6. Easily moveable between rooms.

7. Great price for a folding bike.


1. *HARD* seat… I’m buying a gel pad.

2. Unlighted monitor. In a dim room, it’s very hard to read.

3. Someone else said they thought the seat was too high. At 5’5″ in my stocking feet, I wish it was capable of dropping down a couple more inches, too.


Here it is, March 25 2008, nearly a year later, and I’m still using the bike and loving it. I’m up to tension level 5 and there are 5 more levels to go. I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to actually ride at level 10, but it’s something to shoot for.

The bike is still performing really well. No change in noise level, it’s still whisper quiet. Monitor has had no problems, either. The gel pad definitely helps! This product is still entirely worth the money.

Marcy Upright Mag Cycle…

Stationary Bike
I don’t know why Marcy changed the model number on what was a great-selling and highly rated exercise bike on Amazon, and somehow managed to lose its 100+ mostly flattering reviews, but this looks and sounds exactly like the one I’ve been using 2-3 times per week for the last year-and-a-half. It works really well, and it is definitely worth the money. I’m in fairly decent shape and I use it at level 3 for 20-30 min. Level 8 would be really really hard for more than a few minutes. People who don’t find the tension difficult at level 8 either got a defective tensioner or had trouble installing it properly.

The calorie expenditure readout also seems pretty accurate. The flaw, but not a fatal one: the uncomfortable seat, which could not be easily replaced with another one. I tried using a sheepskin cover, but that created its own problems. You probably just have to get used to it as I’ve tried and mostly succeeded doing. (And the seat doesn’t seem to bother everyone.)

As for durability, it’s as quiet and smooth as when I first got it. I don’t stand on the pedals or the plastic chassis and neighbor kids are not allowed to play on it, etc. I treat it like it’s not very tough, although maybe it really is.

Another interesting thing about this exercise bike is that the price has bounced around a lot from to 0 and all over the map and now back down again to 7 with free shipping, at the moment. That makes this an excellent deal to me. I don’t know why the three or four other reviewers had such bad luck with it.

Schwinn A10 Upright Bike…

Stationary Bike
The Schwinn A10 is a relatively new product, and is the new iteration of the much more reviewed Schwinn Active 10. It has improvements over the former, but also commands a higher price as of now. Whether or not Schwinn will eventually phase out the Active 10 for the A10 is unknown to me.



The bike was in a large box which had a shipping weight of 65 pounds. All of the components are placed into two foam molds, which were very secure. The condition it will arrive in will most likely vary depending on the carrier and how they treat it.



Each component is wrapped in a plastic bag, and the console comes in its own box inside the package. Assembly instructions are provided, along with two User’s Manuals, in both English and Spanish. All necessary tools and fasteners are supplied***. If one did not have trouble taking the components out of the package, it should be easy to assemble alone, otherwise additional help may be required. The heaviest individual part would be the mechanical component housing which needs to be angled slightly upwards in order for the stabilizing bars to be attached on the bottom. Remember to connect the console to the base before attaching the support.

***During assembly, it became clear that the supplied hex key did not fit several of the bolts. A standard 5/16 hex key works fine.

***One of the four capped nuts for the stabilizers was unthreaded. A trip to the hardware store was required to obtain a metric M8x1.25 nut.



The bike is powered by 4 D-cell batteries (unsupplied) which had cost around locally. An optional AC adapter can be purchased from Schwinn for + Tax, S&H. As of current usage, it is unclear how long a set of batteries will last. The electronics shut off after 5 minutes of non usage, with no manual way to turn off.

The final assembled dimensions of the bike at the base are:

–27.5″ from front to back

–16.5″ at the front stabilizer

–14″ at the rear stabilizer

–47.5″ high at the handlebars

***Note that the bike is trapezoidal in shape, with a narrow base and wide top.

The bike seat post has a wide range of adjustable heights, done so by a twist knob that is inserted along a series of holes on the post. At 6′ (184cm), I can comfortable ride the bike, and there are 2 higher positions and 5 or 6 more lower ones.

The bike seat itself is adequate. Having not rode a bike in over 7 years, I was fine at the end of a 20 minute ride with just minor soreness as expected.

***IMPORTANT NOTE: This bike seat attachment is nonstandard. If you plan to change it, you will need to buy an adapter, which will cost around + Tax, S&H. Look for a 3-bolt bike seat adapter on the internet.

A bottle holder comes standard, it is plastic and works fine with my 28oz Klean Kanteen Stainless Steel Water Bottle. The top of the console also doubles as a book holder, but depending on your handlebar setup, it may limit the width of the book or magazine you wish to read.

The pedals come with straps and feel very solid. Shoes are recommended when using the machine.

The fan that is in the center console is an asthmatic 60mm PC case fan. It does spin but provides no measurable airflow.

There are a total of 8 resistance levels which vary gradually. The console has 6 setups and 1 free/manual mode for user controlled resistance, which is the Quick Start button. The predefined modes work by displaying a set of 10 columns with the variances in resistance, and with each column representing 1 minute. After the user selects the amount of time and the starting resistance level, the program will adjust according to the setup. The manual mode lets the user change how long the machine stays at a particular resistance level.

The console also has a contact heart rate monitor. Just place your hands on the contact areas and it will display the measured heart rate. I cannot vouch for the accuracy, but it does at least work.

During operation, there is a noticeable but unobtrusive hum from the mechanical movement. However, changing resistance levels on my machine has a a very minor ticking noise. This seems to be coming from the small motor in the front of the housing. Whether or not this is a problem or is part of the normal use is unknown to me.



I am an adult male in my early 20′s. I am 6′ tall and weigh roughly 175 lbs. I purchased this machine to help improve my health and allow me to exercise at my leisure and in the comfort of my own home. So far I have been happy, as a 20 minute session feels like a nice workout. Even though there were some assembly issues, I am overall very happy with this piece of equipment. If there are any drastic changes to that opinion, I’ll be sure to update this review.

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